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My work is about creating a parallel world that deals with ecological issues, class struggles and the effects of technology. Mythologies, folklore tales and trash aesthetics are taking a more present day form with the help of digital technology. Figures in my paintings are depicting a personification of matter that is being formulated with light.

The citizens of Ambaria have their inner light made visible by the oil painting technique as well as with the digital light.

They demonstrate and idea about Life Force.

Something that changes through our lives and is not visible for the human perception. Still, humans too are bioluminescent and radiate light that is invisible for our senses. By connecting the idea about inner light with the oil painting tradition, as well as with the personality of the figures,

I am trying to make Ambaria look as lifelike as possible. 


“The purpose of my work is to show the development of an imaginary world in the form of paintings.”


History of Ambar:

I   Flower period:

-Timeline’s focus is on the early days of the pastime paradise.

II  Wasteland (The Great Civil War)

-Foundations for the early villages and the rebellion of the tribes.

III   Sacred Geometry

-Timeline’s industrial and mathematical revolution takes it’s place.

IV History and Language

-Basic creative concepts and alphabets are unified. Time of Independence.

V Birth of Cities

-Ethereal chosen as the capital of Ambaria. City of Cryol and Marypolia listed as economically fastest growing cities. Chrysler Islands and Kingdom of Nordoc redefine their status as official municipalities of Ambaria.


Timo Ryhänen


Lives and works in Helsinki




2013-2014               Universität der Künste, Berlin

2008-2013               BFA University of the Arts Helsinki

2007-2008               University of Sunderland, UK

Solo exhibitions:

2019                 0K 2000, Painter’s Union Gallery, Helsinki

2019                 Siberia Tech. Drawing Gallery D5, Helsinki 

2018                 Junkyard, Galleria Katariina, Helsinki

2017                 Suburbian Forestry, Galleria G12, Helsinki 

2013                 Life Stimulation, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts gallery, Helsinki

2013                 Paintings, The library of Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki

Group exhibitions:

2019                 #KeithHaringTate, Tate Liverpool, UK

2014                 Our accursed share, d.h.u.a, Berlin

2014                 Space: Identity filtering, Universität der Künste, Berlin

2013                 Kammer Flimmern, Kammermusiksaal Friedenau, Berlin

2013                 Leikkipaikka, New student house, Helsinki

2013                 Kuvan kevät- the Degree show of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki

2013                 Huutokauppa, Sorbus gallery, Helsinki

2013                Kuusi x yksi, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts gallery, Helsinki

2012                 Finnish Academy of Fine Arts group exhibition, Fondia gallery, Helsinki

2012                 Express 13, Fluid Gallery, Helsinki

2012                 Suomalainen aamiainen, The International 3, Manchester, UK

2010                 Sanctioned Array, White Box, New York

2008                 So what is art anyway?, University of Sunderland, UK

2008                 Young drunk and willing, University of Sunderland, UK

2007                 There’s a beach beneath the paving stone, MAA-Tila, Helsinki


2012                 Berlin, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts


Private collections

Paavo and Päivi Lipponen foundation, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

Hotel Kämp, Helsinki

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin


2019           Arts promotion centre Finland, 6 months working grant

2018           Paulo Foundation

2018           Finnish Art Society, young artist grant

2015           Finnish Cultural Foundation


Finnish Painters Union

Kuvasto ry

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