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My work is about creating a parallel world that deals with ecological issues, class struggles and the effects of technology. Mythologies, folklore tales and trash aesthetics are taking a more present day form with the help of digital technology. Figures in my paintings are depicting a personification of matter that is being formulated with light

The citizens of Ambaria have their inner light made visible by the oil painting technique as well as with the digital light.

They demonstrate and idea about Life Force.

Something that changes through our lives and is not visible for the human perception. Still, humans too are bioluminescent and radiate light that is invisible for our senses. By connecting the idea about inner light with the oil painting tradition, as well as with the personality of the figures:

I am trying to make Ambaria look as lifelike as possible. 

“The purpose of my work is to show the development of an imaginary world in the form of paintings.”

History of Ambar:

I   Flower period:

-Timeline’s focus is on the early days of the pastime paradise.

II  Wasteland (The Great Civil War)

-Foundations for the early villages and the rebellion of the tribes.

III   Basic Geometry

-Timeline’s industrial and mathematical revolution takes it’s place.

IV History and Language

-Basic creative concepts and alphabets are unified. Time of Independence.

V Birth of Cities

-Ethereal chosen as the capital of Ambaria. Industrial City of Cryol and Marypolia listed as economically fastest growing cities. Chrysler Islands and Kingdom of Nordoc redefine their status as official municipalities of Ambaria.

VI Formation of the dreamworld and Ambaria networks ltd.

First prototypes of holographic networks were launched year 430. Ambaria state networks ltd. took the main responsibility for information distribution across the whole continent. Dreamworld was established as a way for more simulative approach for the imagination of Ambiens, so they could form in their own spatial dimension. Dreamworld has different categories that biologically connect Ambiens into their memories and into our physical reality. It allows Ambaria to develop out from the history of humanity in a transformative way.

VII Megaverse and the Post-Computer Age

Ambarian Megaverse was established year 500. It allowed Ambiens to create a separated digital copy of themselves that would develop inside the dreamworld and megaverse in several different versions. The multiplication of identities, thoughts, ideas and work were being used in the production of Life Force and it allowed Ambiens to focus on their chosen interests without the need for formal work or daily tasks. Ambiens could spend their days or nights in different places around Ambaria while their multiple versions were producing solutions into the river of thoughts that flowed through the Megaverse, real life Ambaria, an Imaginary version of Ambaria and the Dreamworld.

Post-Computer age started year 590. Technology was considered too restricting, lacking aspects of gravity as well as personal materialism. Ambiens had gotten bored with the Megaverse and were more often spending their time in reality or inside the Imaginary version of Ambaria. Megaverse version personas and Ambiens had been constructing a new form of life and almost all ideas and Life force was now being used to produce that kind of life that looked real, had technology inside it and functioned as a link to the Dreamworld. Birds and leaves could be communicated with and they mainly carried out daily tasks and information now. If an Ambien for example sat on a park bench, he could just grab a part of the wood that the bench would give to him, then the wood intelligence would transform into a book for reading. Ambien’s fingerprints would be read by the wood intelligence and he would get the same book that he left at home or a completely new one, depending on his finger sensitivity and the pressure of his touch. Then the wood would grow back or if the book was being put back for someone else to read, it would be left into the same place as it was developed from. Senses were used for non-verbal messaging, measurements of the movements and for predicting the future. Movements created a web of predictions that calculated all the forthcoming events and the functions of molecules and atomic structures.

Computers were no longer being used in Ambaria because parts of the whole environment were doing the tasks of the digital age. If an Ambien needed to record something, his own bird memo flew on his shoulder, listened and asked about his feelings. Feelings were now considered as the most important thing for producing happiness and each Ambien had a personal plan on how to develop that happiness. There was a systematic structure of trying to get rid of all the technology by the year 1000 would approach. Scientists were producing solutions for organic materials, so that a new kind of intelligence would make all reality into having a persona, mind and a real organic feeling. Even parts of the Imaginary version of Ambaria were now feeling like reality but in a more dreamlike setting. Purpose was now that when the year 1000 would come, everything in Ambaria would have developed into a coherent intelligence that would communicate, feel and be as real and organic as possible. And by that kind of communication within everything, life would be interesting no matter where you would be situated in. Because after all, Ambiens wanted to have social interactions, projects, meet new plants and animals, Ambiens and ambions and ambas, and create everything together.

Blue feather is the symbol for connecting technology with trancendental aspects of inner expression.
Ghost Emblem is the symbol of Ambar. It expresses the nature of engineering in Ambaria.
Snowflake is a symbol of transformation. It expresses personality.

Veil Emblem is a symbol for interconnectedness in Ambar.
IKIKI is a word in Ambar for everything that exists there. It is an expression of friendliness towards the world.

“Thing” is a word for something or anything in the language of art. Three things inside themselves is similar to the idea of a Tesseract

Silver Fox is the inventor of the machines in Ambar. He builds all the necessary equipment for the future of art.
Scale module is a form that grows new branches each year. It connects the ancient natural forms with technology and the human form.
Convex form connects Life Force and it’s growth with light or water based systems in nature.
CAN is a symbol of energy. It depicts change and the ability of overcoming inner limitations throughout the histories of different working environments.
Hand is a symbol for Determination. It encourages an individual to make something very personal by choosing a life’s purpose on which to work towards to.
Whale is a symbol of the cultural evolution. It represents the meaning of life to be found for humans, which is to take care of others, animals and the ecosystem. Caring evokes a sense of meaning in all crafts that allow that to happen. At first, the evolution of whales went onto the land and formed into a creature with four legs. Then that consciousness decided to go back to the oceans. Now whales adapt to the changing ecosystem affected by humans. By having a larger brain and more fluid consciousness, whales are considered to have developed a matriarchal cultural system with a basis on social interaction. Whales could be understood as being differently intellect as humans and expressing themselves with singing and daily dialogue. They have a very sophisticated and philosophical culture which has no physical evidence because whales don’t have hands.
Symbol of Appreciation (Development based form)
Symbol of New (A language based form)
Cultural Mirror is a symbol about the idea of an overall identity that countries create on the basis of how other countries might perceive them to be like. Cultural mirrors are often a source of inspiration for the people because they reflect shared enjoyment as valuable.
Feather form
is a central line form with divisions growing from it.
Bird feathers have barbs growing out from the rachis. 
And barbs are divided into similar but smaller barbules. 
Feather form often modifies the shape of the convex form,
and is the structure that distributes life force inside the multiplying
ecosystems. Form connects rivers, trees, hands, blood circulation, animals 
and cultural development.
Hand and Head gesture expresses eternal connectivity of Ambiens. It is often used as a sign of introduction and likemindedness. The Gesture implies that psychological exchange of ideas is about to happen.
Symbol of Diversity is about life that can’t fit anymore into cultural stereotypes. Progress within the society produces more freedom for choices and identities. Coloured forms depict the formation of nuances inside humanity and our scheme of things.
Drop symbol is a liquid form that connects human evolutionary consciousness into the underwater life. Life in the oceans has developed into a more colourful, abstracted and light carrying forms. Life Force that is distributed by the liquids inside organic forms has the ability to overcome gravity of the material existence.
Symbol of Gravity

Gravity and Ethereality are directional ways for forms to develop in.
Central mass of life force gathers around those polarities and
guides the visual appearance and function of life forms. While animals and culture tend
to develop in a more spreadable and horizontal way, humans and nature grow more vertically until they reach a certain age.
Verticality of the symbol expresses the speciality and the difference of growth from other beings while connecting humans into the growth of the whole natural ecosystem.
Map of Ambaria

Ambarian Flag that represents Ambaria around the world.

Cities of Ambar:

City of Ethereal is the capital of Ambaria and the main distributor of Life force systems.

City of Cryol is an industrialised city that modifies and produces Life Force into most usable forms in Ambar.

Redilon is a connector city of Ambien megaverse, Imaginary Ambaria and also functions as a link to the dreamworld.

Ambien Town is a small village where Ambiens go if they want to visit a quiet countryside destination. 

Ocea Bay is a coastal fishing area where most of the harvesting and research of marine life are conducted.

Village of Ambar is the birthplace of the whole continent. It still relays on the agricultural production of Ghost Emblems that are the origin of natural Life Force in Ambar.

Marypolia is the economically most grown city where all the most important financial decisions are being made.

Silver City has the most advanced solar panel technology in Ambar. The citizens of Silver City use their creativity for developing natural energy resources and necessary units for gathering it.

Ambarian Atlas is a bay and the most stormy place in the whole continent. There are still some pirate ships as well as sea creatures underneath the surface of the ocean.

Diamond Void’s mines are long and old but those still provide income and employment for the eastern part of Ambaria.

Trans-Ambien is the informational and navigational place for the travellers. Most centralised transportation systems go by there and it has a large quantity of vehicles as well as repairing opportunities for those on the road.

Chrysler Islands and Castles of Snow are old heritage sites that used to house artistocrats, royalties and the old Bin Dynasty. These days those islands welcome everyone for visitation as well as for more permanent living.

Port of Ambaria is the harbour where taverns and local ambiens spend their days watching the seascape and the bypassing boats while enjoying their daily meals and beers too.

Rygur has the tallest tree in Ambar. It is called the Skytree and it forms a web of natural dna over the city. Rygur also has treehouse accommodations as well as flying transportation vehicles that connect into the Skytree.

Owl city is a place for the older traditions and carnivals. Every year they have an owl festival where ambiens bring their own owls as well as every type of owl memorabilia and outfits. Celebrations often happens until the dawn steps in.

Ambarian citizens:

Figures in Ambaria are called Ambien. Animals are called Ambion. Ambas are hand-sized animals, birds and insects. In Ambaria there exists no evolution like on earth. Evolution is very slow and the timeline progress in Ambaria mainly takes it’s form as diversity.

Silver Fox is living in between the hole and the city of Ethereal. He is an inventor who likes fishing on his sparetime.

Daniel Light is the author of Ambaria. He passed away a long time ago but now he works as a ghostwriter for the history of Ambar.

Nebraska Kid is Neal Rogue’s right wing man. Small in size makes it better to explore in smaller cave formations.

Neal Rogue is a nomad who travels around Ambaria searching for new adventures.

Edgar is a tribe leader from the Golden Boys tribe. He sometimes appears as a nice looking animal form to visit our reality.

Motor soul- The Giant- He lives near Livingstones and tries to build an industrial complex that would take over the markets of the City of Cryol.

The Abyss King is a conquirer who raises small pets to be distributed across Ambaria. Kind by nature, he wears the veil emblem as a sign of connectivity across the Ambar.

Insecta King lives in Similion. He develops new insect species for making all the cleaning and pollen gathering from ghost Emblems.

Owl Sergeant lead the rebellion of early tribes on the early days. Now he is retired near Reactor no.9.

Prince of the Moon is the connector of the moon and Ambarian civilisation.

Mr. Crow is Silver Fox’s friend. He helps him to design all the necessary machinery.

Shadow Captain- Coldheart, a common pirate well known in the taverns of Port Ambaria.

Blue Berry is a bird that has a special colour for his wings. His name derives from a cat that had passed too early and later on incarnated as a form of a bird.

Rouscoe is a bear like creature who expresses his colour all across the continent of Ambar. He is a power animal who’s colour takes on a free forming thought in Ambaria.

Erik Satie is an owl who composes the natural aspects of music in Ambar. He often builds his own instruments from wood and other scrap material.

Leonardo is an Ibex who has the natural ability to climb anywhere, even on horizontal walls. He appears in games for his platforming abilities.

Dali Llama is an Alpaca from Ambar. He is happily married to Rosie and they live together and take care of all the smaller Ambions in their farm near the Owl City. Their son is Alpaco, a smaller alpaca boy that mostly spend his time with Ambas and other smaller animals for the time being.

D.E.E.R is a Democratic European and Eurasian Republic. It consists of the photographic material that is visible from this world. DEERS is a cover band for BEERS.

Scavenger is a polar bear who has an eyepatch and has teamed with Shadow Captain.

Wolfie is the carrier of snowflakes. He belongs to a new born generation of northern art animals.

Lunar is a white-tailed reindeer who transfers and completes the advices from Prince of the Moon on Ambar.

Emperor of Ambaria, Sir Similion of Bin Dynasty – The youngest representative of the Bin Dynasty situated in Castles of Snow.

Lumi is a luminescent being who has a form somewhere in between an Ambion and an Ambien.

Rat man (Razzle) a white rat who often arms himself with self-made weaponry including broken bottles and archery towards other worlds.

Mr. Spikey – a hedgehog that often develops his spikes for the use of other Ambiens.

Beluga Lugosi is a white whale who is more intellectual than dolphins and he has the ability to change diversity into evolution in the sea. He guards the Chrysler Islands.

Crystal cat is the mother figure who controls the Diamond void. She is responsible for the diamond distribution across Ambar.

Savanze lightyear is an unknown leader of the Life Force center in Ethereal. He believes in pacifism and the mind power and is also the leader of Ambiens in City of Ethereal.

Ghost Emblem is a nickname for the engineer of Ambar. He designs all the structuralism behind all the things used. State of Ambaria offers basic technology for free towards every citizen.

Manuel Le Monde is a son of Le Monde family. He wears the turquoise colour as a sign of belonging to the colours of the world.

Timothy is a boy in Ethereal. He and Manuel often drink beer bongs together and go to the hills to draw together until the sun sets down.

Golden boy is a descendant of the Silvery Boys tribe. They have a solid use of technology that the Silvery Boys tribe did not have.

Infinity Pig is an Ambion that has “patches” of it’s own skin. It is a product who replaces it’s own skin when a part of it’s body has been taken off.

Leopardo is a musician in Ambar. He composes the indie type of music in Ambar.

Jeti Skies (Feather Boys) are the small beings that live near the alps of the Village of Nordock. They also feed Alpacas that grow their hair longer because of the cold climate.

Myriapod of Marypolia is the queen of the city of Marypolia. She sometimes takes on the form of an eight handed business retailer.

Rob is a hobo who plays his string instrument and sews artistic patches for others. He lives in a carboard cube on the outskirts of Ethereal and spends his time exchanging his patches for food, drinks or Ethereal coins.

Frankie Ambaria is an eastern Ambarian recycled-vehicle salesman. He tries to sell used vehicles of any type and is often very charlatan by his nature.

Lily is a small Amba who developed from a Lilac flower. She has feather wings on her head that allow her to watch over and fly around the fields of flowers in the Village of Ambar. She takes care of the visual growth of the plantations as well as designin new plant species for Ambaria.

Rüy is a flower child who was born from the ghost emblem flowers. He lives in the Village of Ambar and inflences the growth of pollen during springtime. He lives very modestly, eating plants and fishing, wandering around the fields and growing the emblems with his ability for distributing life force from the flower-antlers on his head.

Amba is the first child Ambien being born into Ambaria. She is a small being who’s parents are well known inventors of the Life Force center in Ethereal. She is the guardian for all the smaller ambiens and has the ability for communicating with smaller animal ambas too.

Cognitive Imagery

Heart and Hand symbol. It shows the connections between inner feeling and the hand.

Cognitive Images are a form of imaginary artworks. They use text or images as triggers for creating a separate mental image inside the mind. The artwork mainly takes it’s form inside you.

  1. THE WORLD IS MY FOUNTAIN is a photograph where someone pees on the pavement. Idea of the photograph is that the classical Fountain of Duchamp has been removed, and the idea of a globe as a watery and beautiful fountain emerges. It is a common symbol seen in Climate change demonstrations.

2. The Room is a text that creates a mental image and an idea about western civilization living and exhibiting art inside whitely painted minimalistic architecture. The idea is that the white paint is a self~expression of the working class and that museums, galleries, our houses, White House and Soviet Union architecture are reflecting an inner experience that western civilization and the workers have. The current state where walls are being painted with white color represents an economical change in the world. Museums have started already to select different tones for their walls. Also natural materials are being used for creating an atmosphere inside different spaces. Thankfully the future will be more colorful and enjoyable.

3. Perhaps the meaning of the image lays in the quality of it’s composition. It’s relationship with other images that humans have produced and the global connectivity that abstracts the mental image. It has to have a certain coherence that keeps it globally relatable, I thought about adding some light inside the figure in order to make it look more alive.

Cognitive image no.4

Humankind as a figure with a face and a body made out of art.
Art forming and creating personality for mankind.

Cognitive image no. 5.
Relativity of Einstein’s theory of relativity.
-Imagine a place where the laws of physics don’t exist or are completely formable.

Cognitive Image no. 6

If you look at the world on the basis of texture, colour and painted surface, everything has already a layer of paint on it. Computer softwares use those three aspects to define the attributes of painting. Surrounding world already expresses it’s painterliness and humanity through the surface of culturally produced objects. I think of digital painting as something that is more flexible medium around the social sculpture of our times.


Timo Ryhänen


Lives and works in Vantaa, Finland




2013-2014               Universität der Künste, Berlin

2008-2013               BFA University of the Arts Helsinki

2007-2008               University of Sunderland, UK

Solo exhibitions:

2022 Alpaca Art, HAA-Gallery, Helsinki (1.9- 24.9.2022)

2022 Ambiens, Ambions and Ambas, Galeria Nueva, Madrid

2020 Paintings about Life Force, A2 Gallery, Helsinki

2019 0K 2000, Painter’s Union Gallery, Helsinki

2019 Siberia Tech. Drawing Gallery D5, Helsinki 

2018 Junkyard, Galleria Katariina, Helsinki

2017 Suburbian Forestry, Galleria G12, Helsinki 

2013 Life Stimulation, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts gallery, Helsinki

2013 Paintings, The library of Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki

Group exhibitions:

2019 #KeithHaringTate, Tate Liverpool, UK

2014 Our accursed share, d.h.u.a, Berlin

2014 Space: Identity filtering, Universität der Künste, Berlin

2013 Kammer Flimmern, Kammermusiksaal Friedenau, Berlin

2013 Leikkipaikka, New student house, Helsinki

2013 Kuvan kevät- the Degree show of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki

2013 Huutokauppa, Sorbus gallery, Helsinki

2013 Kuusi x yksi, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts gallery, Helsinki

2012 Finnish Academy of Fine Arts group exhibition, Fondia gallery, Helsinki

2012 Express 13, Fluid Gallery, Helsinki

2012 Suomalainen aamiainen, The International 3, Manchester, UK

2010 Sanctioned Array, White Box, New York

2008 So what is art anyway?, University of Sunderland, UK

2008 Young drunk and willing, University of Sunderland, UK

2007 There’s a beach beneath the paving stone, MAA-Tila, Helsinki


2022 Madrid, The Hug Residency

2012 Berlin, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts


Private collections

Paavo and Päivi Lipponen foundation, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

Hotel Kämp, Helsinki

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin


2022 Arts promotion centre Finland, project grant

2022 Finnish Cultural Foundation, residency grant

2022 Alfred Kordelin Foundation, 1 year working grant

2021 Arts promotion centre Finland, corona grant

2020 Arts promotion centre Finland, residency grant

2020 Arts promotion centre Finland, corona grant

2019 Arts promotion centre Finland, 6 months working grant

2018 Paulo Foundation

2018 Finnish Art Society, young artist grant

2015 Finnish Cultural Foundation


Finnish Painters Union

Kuvasto ry

2 thoughts on “CV/Ambar info

  1. Tyrese Jibson

    Hello ,
    I am Tyrese Jibson from SC USA , I actually observed my wife has been viewing your website on my laptop and I guess she likes some of your Art piece, I’m impressed and amazed by your level of creativity; I must also say you are doing great job, I would like to receive further information about your location and what inspires you: ) I am very much interested in the purchase to surprise my wife.
    regards , Tyrese .

    1. Timo Ryhänen Post author


      I am living near Helsinki, Finland. You can contact me directly Most of my works come out from drawing from my imagination and Iphone photos. I am inspired by all the things that relate to my childhood during the 80’s and early 90’s. I like the colours, surfaces, music, household items, paintings and that feeling of passing time that is connected into those years.


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